Discover the Biggest Mistakes Most Real Estate Investors Make that Cost Them Thousands of Dollars, and How to Avoid Those Mistakes to Become the Successful and Profitable Investor You Want to Be

You’re about to learn the secrets that a nationally-recognized Real Estate Investment Broker and Wealth Creation Instructor learned while listing and selling over 1,000 residential income properties worth over $100,000,000.
“Let me become your Mentor and, in just a few hours, I will show you how to become a Professional Real Estate Investor.

“I guarantee that after going through my information, you will know more about investing in residential income property than 98% of the Real Estate Agents in your area, so that you will no longer have to trust other people’s advice when making your investment decisions.”

Bob Ritchey, Broker-Owner of TGR Realty – Income Property Specialists and founder of the Win the Game of Money Institute.

Dear fellow (or aspiring) Real Estate Investor,

Over my 30+ years of listing and selling residential income property I have learned that…

There are two types of real estate investors: Amateurs and Professionals.

Amateur Real Estate Investors are people who make uninformed decisions without knowing what they are doing and hope they get lucky.  They don’t study and gain the financial intelligence necessary to make smart decisions but, instead, they take advice from uneducated advisors, which increases their risk of failure.

Professional Real Estate Investors are people who make rational decisions based on accurate knowledge of what to do and when to do it.

Because of their training, skills, tools and strategies, a professional real estate investor’s losses are far less and gains are far greater than those of an amateur investor. They know what benefits they want and how to purchase residential income property for maximum yield. They take advantage of the mistakes made by the amateurs by usually performing the opposite actions.

Here’s a quote that I agree with from one of my favorite books by Robert Kiyosaki, “Retire Young, Retire Rich”:

“So, is investing risky? My answer is absolutely not. But I would say that being financially ignorant is risky and expensive. You and I know that our brains are still our most underused asset. Lazy people want to get rich quickly, and successful people want to get financially smart quickly and keep getting smarter.

What advice would I give to the average investor?  don’t be average.  I say that because your financial future and your financial security are too important to just be average.”

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The mission of the Win the Game of Money Institute is to provide people with information that will help them become more personally and financially successful; to help them learn financial intelligence and become financially independent.

Investing in residential income property is one of the assets we believe gives you the best chance of reaching your financial goals.

Here’s a description of the programs offered by the Institute to help you to successfully purchase and manage residential income property:

How To Build a Real Estate Money Machine Online Video Seminar

How-to-Build-a-Real-Estate-Money-Machine-Video-CourseFor several years, I personally taught this seminar to the public in Bakersfield, California as part of my real estate practice.  I would not work with a buyer unless they attended this seminar first.

Because of the information that they received from my seminar, I was able to help many of the attendees successfully start or increase their real estate portfolio. Now it can be your turn!

I have expanded and recorded my seminar so that it can be seen by anyone in the comfort of his or her home.

The 2 1/2 hour seminar is divided into 5 sessions that last approximately 30 minutes each. The seminar also comes with a 50-page study guide to help you with your learning and to serve as a reference in the future.

  • How to become a professional investor, not an amateur speculator;
  • How to determine when you should buy or sell, and when you should stay on the sidelines;
  • How to still get a great yield even if your property goes down in value;
  • How residential income property can save you a large sum of money on your taxes;
  • How to purchase property with low down payment and creative financing;
  • How to use the power of leverage for maximizing yield;
  • The importance of recalculating your yields on your property every year and actions to take to increase your yield;
  • How to think of your home as an investment and, should you pay it off as soon as possible?
  • Some of the mistakes I made early in my investment career and have seen made by others that cost us thousands of dollars and how you can avoid them;
  • How to win the Game of Money by building a Real Estate Money Machine.

…and more.

Another one of our programs I truly believe that will help you develop or grow your real estate investments portfolio is…

What Your Real Estate Agent, Loan Officer and Investment Guru Don’t Want You to Know About Investing in Residential Income Property eBook

What-They-Don't-Want-You-To-Know-About-Investing-In-Real-EstateIf I were to ask you what the three most important words pertaining to real estate are, what would you say?

The standard answer for most people is: “Location, location, location.”

However, if you are a real estate investor, the answer should always be: “Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge.”

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • The four major types of assets and how to evaluate them to see which one is the best for you;
  • Real estate as a wealth-building vehicle to reach your goals in life;
  • Important real estate definitions you must know to increase your chances of success;
  • The four ways money is made in real estate and which is the most important one;
  • Your three limited partners and how they benefit you;
  • How to determine yield on investments and “the Rule of 72”;
  • How to analyze and compare properties to make better decisions;
  • How to recognize a good deal and how to make the deal even better;
  • The power of debt reduction and the great yield it produces;
  • The importance of leverage and the correct way to use it to your advantage;
  • The “Art and Bill Model” and how to apply it for maximum cash flow;
  • How to find the right real estate agent for your mastermind group;
  • An 8-step plan of action to insure your success.

When you purchase a rental property, you are actually starting two businesses:  a real estate investment company and a real estate management company.  That is why we’re also going to make the following available to you:

How To Manage Residential Income Property for Maximum Profit eBook


If you get a great deal when you purchase a property but don’t manage it properly, you’ll probably not have the success you want.

This book is packed with money-making and money-saving information.  It will help you increase your cash flow and decrease your expenses and headaches.

Included are dozens of letters, forms, agreements, and notices that I used when running my management businesses.

This book will more than pay for itself within the first week you purchase it. 

In it, you will learn:

  • The Golden Rules of Management that you will want to learn the easy way, not the hard way;
  • The three variables of the income stream and which is most important one to focus on;
  • How to reduce losses due to delinquent tenants or tenant damages. This section alone can save you thousands of dollars and dozens of headaches;
  • Who you must have as a part of your management team and how to pick them correctly. Get this right and your success is practically assured;
  • How to hire a great resident manager, if you need one, and how define his or her responsibilities and set the proper expectations from day one;
  • What the two most important actions in property management are that will play a huge role in increasing your success;
  • How to prevent getting sued when you deny an application;
  • What to do if the tenant breaks other rules of the rental agreement;
  • A neat way to make sure you collect late charges if owed;
  • How to correctly terminate a tenancy without facing legal repercussions;
  • The important rules regarding a tenant’s deposit that you must follow when they vacate the unit;
  • How to handle an eviction correctly – make a mistake and you have to start all over;
  • How to keep track of your income and expenses for tax purposes to decrease the chances of an IRS audit;
  • How to interview and pick a professional management company;
  • The importance of knowing how a professional management company makes their money.

…and much more!

Now, you may be asking yourself:

“So, how much money will all this information cost me?”

That’s a great question! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Other people have paid hundreds, and even thousands of dollars for this kind of information in the past.

The real-world value of my programs is at least $597.

I truly believe and guarantee that what I ask for my information is worth every penny if you take into account how much money, time, energy and stress my strategies have saved the people who’ve put them into action, and the value of not having to rely on other people to make decisions for your financial success.

But, thanks to the power of digital publishing and online delivery, where we don’t need to print books, or send actual DVD’s, and because the Win the Game of Money Institute is dedicated to help as many people as possible become personally and financially successful, we decided to drastically reduce your investment for these powerful wealth building materials.

If you take advantage of this special promotion, you can own my entire system for a one-time payment of only $77!

With My 100% Money Back Guarantee, You Have Absolutely Nothing to Lose


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And if you’re still not convinced that $77 would be a great investment for you to increase your cash flow and your net worth as you develop your portfolio, I’m going to include 4 special bonuses at no additional cost:

Robert Allen’s “Power Money System For Making Your Real Estate Fortune” eBook

Power-Money-System-for-Real-Estate-FortuneRobert Allen is the author of several best- selling books including Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, The One-Minute Millionaire, and Multiple Streams of Income.

This 491-page eBook is divided into 9 sections and will provide some great additional investing ideas for you.

Plus the following downloadable special reports:

“How to Sell Your Residential Income Property for Maximum Profit”

Discover the little-known strategies that savvy real estate investors use to get the highest return on investment.


“How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent to Join Your Mastermind Group”

Real Estate Agents are not all the same, finding and partnering with the right one is key for your successful investment career.


Notes from the book “The Weekend Millionaire’s Secrets to Investing in Real Estate”

Get the golden nuggets from the intensive information for active and aspiring professional real estate investors.

A 5-part, online video seminar, three information-packed eBooks and three special reports with all the tested and proven strategies I need to build and/or grow my own real estate empire, all for a one-time investment of $77.

To your wealth creation,


P.S. This special offer for a 5-part online video seminar, 3 eBooks and 3 special reports designed to give you everything you need to start building and/or growing your real estate empire won’t last forever.

P.P.S. Take advantage of it now that is available to you knowing that your investment is 100% protected by my money-back guarantee.